Slope Nobbs

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Slope Nobbs
Name Slope Nobbs
Race Human
Physical appearance
Residence Ankh Morpork
Parents Possible illegitimate son of the Earl of Ankh, Edward St John de Nobbes.
Relatives Grandfather of Cecil Wormsborough St John ('Nobby') Nobbs and Errol Nobbs
Children son, Sconner Nobbs
Marital Status
Books first mentioned in Guards! Guards!, named in Feet of Clay

Father of Sconner Nobbs and grandfather of Nobby Nobbs. He was once flogged by the grandfather of Sybil Ramkin, the then Lord Ramkin for 'malicious lingering'.

Was believed to be the son, albeit on the wrong side of the blanket, to Edward St John de Nobbes. This being due to an encounter between the noble earl and a chambermaid. Or, at least, so it was claimed by Dragon King of Arms.

Mentioned in Feet of Clay.