Stanmer Crustley

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Stanmer Crustley was the leader of an expedition to Loko, a region in Uberwald surrounded by a ring of mountains. The heart of the ring of mountains, a very deep valley and a lot of caves, contained all sorts of curiously shaped magical creatures like centaurs and fauns. In one of the caves, he discovered a set of scrolls which he named the Scrolls of Loko, and he brought them back to Ankh-Morpork (where they now reside, in the Library). The fact that the scrolls had been hidden in a cave inside sealed containers with 'do not open' inscribed on the side in several major languages did not deter the wizards from opening them and reading the contents. "It just goes to show how important the darn things are".

The dry and fussy wizard Sensibility Bustle would later use one of the scrolls in his research into Hivers and followed its instructions to build a device to trap one.

A few months after the expedition, Stanmer died of planets, a very rare magical disease. All the other members of his expedition also contracted rare magical diseases and died. It was suggested that there was a curse of some kind on Loko.