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Sumtri is a remote, exotic island, home to strange flora and fauna. The little we know about this island (and the sources of this information):

  • It has graphite-rich sands in which Osric Penicillium first discovered a bush that would later be used to produce pencils (Hogfather)
  • Queen Zazumba at one point ruled the island, and had a picture (drawing? iconograph?) taken of herself wearing a newzealand (sort of like a bikini, but with a lot less showing). Mrs Whitlow designed herself a similar garment based on this picture. (The Last Continent)
  • The bloodthirsty Queen Sowawondra had more than 30,000 people put to death during her reign over this island. As Vetinari remarked, she could be quite touchy. (Jingo)
  • The women of this island are said to have no souls. If Queen Sowawondra is an example, this may tend towards the correct. (Jingo)
  • In the opinion of 71-hour Ahmed, Sumtri manufactures the best cigarettes to be found anywhere in the world. (Jingo)


No doubt any perceived resemblance to the island of Madagascar and its raving mad queen Ranavalona is purely coincidental, and the name presumably has nothing to do with the island of Sumatra.

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