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Syrrit is a landlocked nation ruled by an Emir and is to be found in Klatch, rimwards of Klatch and Tsort and hubwards of Elharib with a short border with Djelibeybi. Howondaland proper begins at its Rimwards border. Syrrit is a semi-desert country sheltered by the Mountains of the Moon, which also act to prevent most of the rainclouds from getting over and watering its arid grasslands. As a result the local sheep have become adept in spotting the signs of a downpour, and have evolved a speedy method of getting where the rain is and where the grass is - temporarily - growing lush and heavier. As a consequence of their possibly unique ability, their fleeces are used almost exclusively in the weaving of Magic Carpets and the Kh'olli dog has co-evolved to herd both sheep and carpets.


Syrrit appears to be in the same geographical region as sub-Saharan Africa. As for flying sheep... think of a certain Monty Python sketch where the sheep are trying hard but haven't quite managed it, as a bucolic farmer notes.