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The section on the TV show reads like it was pulled directly from SkyOne's site and is in the future tense-- Pragmatic Cynic 27 December 2007 18:24 GMT

The Roundworld Wizzard

Just a thought, but it occurs to me that an actually, not bad, British rock group called Wizzard[1] - yes, they did spell it with two "z"'s - had one of the quintessential Christmas hit singles, with I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day[2] sometime around 1973. Like Slade with Merry Christmas Everyone!, Wizzard hit the jackpot: this is one of those songs that gets played every year at Christmas, year in, year out, with benefical effects on the bank balances of all involved. Lead singer Roy Wood, a veteran of the Move and a founder member of Brummie rockers the Electric Light Orchestra, never had to work again after this one song. (Wood is the one who looks like a combination of U.U. wizard and the Hogfather).

I can't see Terry ignoring this bit of potent British trivia - so it's back to my copy of ((H)) to se if any Wizard or other character uses the line I Wish It Could Be Hogswatch Every Day! --AgProv 21:37, 11 September 2008 (UTC)

Terry's Personal Challenge?

it occurs to me that this book is something of a one-off "Christmas special", and on re-reading it, I get the distinct impression that Terry set himself a challenge to get the largest possible number of regular characters into this book - without it ever seeming forced or artificial, they walk on, say a couple of lines, and walk off again. About the only regulars who aren't here seem to be the Lancre witches...

And if I can't re-read Hogfather now, then when can I re-read it? --AgProv 22:03, 16 December 2008 (UTC)