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Where's Buggy?

So when a situation arose in Snuff where one might reasonably have expected Buggy Swires' particular expertise to be central, he's nowhere to be seen and the Air Police duties, not to mention doing the crawstep, have been taken over in their entirity by [[Wee Mad Arthur}}.

We can infer the events of Snuff are some years on from the previous Watch book - Young Sam is now six or seven and no longer a babe in arms - so in the intervening period, Buggy might have left the Watch, or other things might have happened to him. But this is not stated explicitly - it's as if Buggy never was and everything about him has been subsumed into Wee Mad Arthur, who in his origins was a maverick ratcatcher with no temperamental inclination to enlist in the Watch. Just bad continuity? --AgProv 17:02, 21 November 2011 (CET)