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In Going Postal, there is a dialogue that suggests the gnoll threat in the hills - now bisected by the Grand Trunk clacks line - is no more. I wish I could find the reference, I think it's in a dialogue involving Moist and the coachmen, who are remarking in a puzzled way why there isn't as much bandit and gnoll activity as there used to be. (in fact, zero)The implication from the text is that Reacher Gilt , by direct and ruthless means of his own, has wiped out the hostiles who are posing a threat to the Trunk. It might also explain the change in gnolldom: the gnolls who have made it to Ankh are the debased and degraded remnants of a race and reduced to living in squalor, like the surviving reservation Indians?

If so, the Disc is a smaller place, and this echoes the way that the railway and the telegraph, once they stretched between coasts and bisected the continent, were the death-knell of the American Indian. Gilt would be as guilty of genocide as any of the big American magnates who wanted to wipe out the Indians. If the reference supports this concept, I'll add it to the article.--AgProv 01:31, 23 May 2007 (CEST)

Whoever said "Lo the Poor Gnoll!" No, I think anyone who got rid of any of the "wild", Equal Rites type would get thanks from all. Eradication would have been as brisk as possible without Gilt or the clacks.--Old Dickens 03:29, 23 May 2007 (CEST)

I pictured Gnolls as Goblins even though they are now underneath all the rubbish. Jim Henson's Labyrinth had Goblins all over it, including the Old Junk Lady who carries her wealth of rubbish on her back. Many tribal races when they hit civilisation become tramps and bag ladies and live on city tips. it's because we throw out so much useful stuff. Remember Use every part of the buffalo. We see them as the lowest form but they see us as such because were wasteful.