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In the last few minutes of Roman Polanski's spoof, The Great Vampire Hunters, there is the mandatory showdown between Vampire and Vampire Hunters. Having run out of pointy wooden stakes, the hunters attempt to ward off the vampire with a crucifix. They are consternated not to receive the standard reaction of hissing fear and recoil from a symbol of religious purity and holiness. The vampire shows absolutely no reaction, looks puzzled for an instant, and then attacks anyway, declaring "Oi vay, have you got the wrong vampire!" Of course, a crucifix would have absolutely no effect on a vampire who was not a Christian in life... and a Jewish vampire would not be unduly affected.

Incidentally, as under kosher law all meat has to be drained of blood before consumption, a Jewish vampire (ie, an entity living only on the energy content of blood) would be a contradiction in terms under dietary law? --AgProv 22:25, 19 February 2008 (CET)