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At what point to we find out that he wrangles the Things? It's news to me and I must have reread the books at least fifteen times each? Or is this merely an extrapolation of known vocabulary and a large leap of surmise??? --Knmatt 18:40, 7 December 2007 (CET)

Quite right; it should go. I think it was based on something from another site and doesn't give any supporting reference...only, I thought the recent Wiki was based on unsubstantiated annotation, speculation and conjecture. What's to be be done about the thousand or so more recent examples, and what draws attention to this relatively mild one? (Looking through AFP, a similar interpretation shows up, but the consensus seems to be that he deals in disputation / argument, perhaps in oral exams. All conjecture as well, of course.) --Old Dickens 16:04, 8 December 2007 (CET)

we should probably mention that he works at the university--Teletran 18:03, 15 April 2007 (CEST)

The SW develops a fixation on Mrs Whitlow during The Last Continent which verges on a stalker-like obsession. In Porterhouse Blue by Tom Sharpe, set in a lesser Oxbridge college, a scholarly intellectual postgraduate working for his Professorhood, who is otherwise leading a celibate life and has had little or no prior direct experience of women, falls obsessively in love/lust with his "bedder". She is the woman who looks after the rooms, who cleans and changes the bedding and linen, and she is described in terms very reminiscent of Mrs Whitlow. (the ensuing "romance" is pure farce in the best Sharpe tradition). Hmm, I wonder if this is a very tenuous Annotation... TP has been likened to Tom Sharpe, after all...--AgProv 01:09, 15 June 2007 (CEST)

"In Hogfather, we learn that the Senior Wrangler's first name is Horace."

Hmmm... another famous wrangler, this time of horses, was Horace Batchelor, who was for many years the Daily Mirror 's racing form tipster - ie the man who worked out the mathematical odds and permutations of investing your money on the horses and/or football pools...

Horace caught the public imagination as a minor celebrity in the 1960's, and was immprtalised by the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band in their classic spoof "The Intro and the Outro" [1]--AgProv 11:33, 20 August 2007 (CEST)