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Who's in charge?

I see the assertion that Lady Sybil operates the Sunshine Sanctuary more than once, but in G!G! it was attributed to a Rosie Devant-Molei. Sybil seems to do most of her dragon work at home. Anyone have a reference? ..Old Dickens 13:30 22 Aug 2006

What does the Companion say? (I really have to buy that next...). It's firmly in my mind as Sybil's. --Sanity 23:25, 22 August 2006 (CEST)

No Companion either. G!G! p.403 of the Corgi paperback, near the end: (Brenda Rodley introduces herself) "That's Rosie Devant-Molei. She runs the Sunshine Sanctuary, you know." Sybil may well have donated the building, of course, and obviously volunteers and raises funds. ..Old Dickens 21:00 EST 22 Aug 2006

I checked the map (easiest reference I have) and the Sunshine Sanctuary is near Pon Bridge in Morpork. Which begs the question what those dragon pens at Sybil's house are doing and whether they belong to the Sanctuary. --Sanity 09:45, 23 August 2006 (CEST)

Sybil breeds dragons. Her dragons won't need the Sunshine Sanctuary, which is for sick and abandoned animals. ..Old Dickens 10:10 EST 23 Aug 2006

Oh yeah, I acquired a DW Companion just before the excitement with the exploding hard drives. It says: "This charity is run by Rosie Devant-Molei, with the very regular help of Lady Sybil Ramkin (now Vimes.)" No mention of the founder. ..Old Dickens 20:10 EST 6 Sep 2006