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Jump to navigation Jump to search correspondent Sanity was the founder of this wiki and its administrator from 2005 - 2012. His original User Page is reproduced here entirely without his permission and at his discretion.

I am the maintainer of this Wiki. It's here because a Discworld Wiki has been mentioned several times on afp, and I happen to have the resources. Any questions or remarks are best mailed to me: .

Have fun wiki-ing!


About the Wiki

As I have a little server running as a hobby, it was easy for me to install the Wikimedia software to try out this wiki thing. As there seemed to be demand for a DW wiki in afp/abp, that was an obvious choice. Soon the folks from LSpace got interested and offered the subdomain. The result is this.


The wiki runs on an IBM Netfinity 5000 with 3x9GB SCSI discs, 512MB RAM and a PIII processor. The OS is Fedora Core 4 with default kernel, apache and mysql.

Books that I have

(Taken from the bibliography)

Johnny Maxwell

Other non-Discworld