Tears of the Mushroom

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Tears of the Mushroom is a Goblin girl who appears in Snuff. Unusually for a goblin, she looks at the world not in the meek, downward facing fashion inherent in most goblins but with the keen, interested gaze of a human. She is the star pupil of Miss Felicity Beedle, mostly because she grasps things with remarkable speed. In a way, she is handsome, if not exactly pretty. As with all goblins, she has large hands, with long fingers. She often wears a wraparound apron.

She speaks English as if she is taking words out of a rack and tidily putting them back as soon as they are said. She has also been learning to read. Young Sam Vimes befriends her.

She is a musical virtuosa, playing the harp beautifully with her long hands. Her harp composition "Twilight Serenade" — performed at the Opera House in Ankh-Morpork — is one of the primary reasons why goblins gained equal rights in the same classification as all sapient species: humans, trolls, dwarfs, vampires, etc.