The Goode Childe's Booke of Faerie Tales

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Author unknown, this book of highly suspect and factually inaccurate stories is on the shelf at the Aching family farmhouse on The Chalk.

However, the equally unknown illustrator is a hundred times more talented than the storyteller, as his/her pictures are right on the money, as regards accurate depictions of supernatural entities. For one thing, the normally elusive Nac Mac Feegle were somehow persuaded to send a representative member of the race to pose for the artist, right down to the rude gesture.

It is possible that this book was also owned by Letitia in I Shall Wear Midnight and Mistress Slightly of the Dame School, mentioned in Snuff. On page seven there is a picture of a 'Jolly Goblin', and there is also the Discworld equivalent of the The Fairy Feller's Master-Stoke