The Laws and Ordinances of the Cities Ankh and Morpork

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This is the book given to Carrot Ironfoundersson by local Copperhead trader, Mr. Varneshi, when he is sent to Ankh-Morpork to become a Watchman. He is told that 'You have to know all the laws to be a good officer.' Carrot is nothing if not literal-minded, so he sets out to memorize the thick volume.

Some of the Laws upheld by Carrot have included:

  • Conspiracy to Commit Crime, Section 14 (iii) of the General Felonies Act 1678
  • Serving alcohol after midnight, Public Ale Houses (Opening) Act 1678
  • Improper containers, Public Ale Houses (Opening) Act 1678
  • Unsheathed edged weapons, Section 3 of Public Ale Houses (Opening) Act 1678
  • Public Foregatherings (Gambling) Act, 1567
  • Licensed Premises (Hygiene) Acts of 1433, 1456, 1463, 1465, 1470 through 1690
  • Domestic and Domesticated Animals (Care and Protection) Act, 1673

most of which were previously unheard of by everyone in Ankh-Morpork, including the Watch.

It was given to the Librarian by Vimes at the end of Guards! Guards! along with The Summoning of Dragons. He told him to hide them both within the Library where no one will be able to find it.

However, by Men at Arms Carrot seemed to have got it back again, and consulted it to find out under what circumstances citizens could form a militia. Either that or he has actually managed to memorize it.