The Shuttered Palace

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Mentioned in Pyramids, this book, which is similar to The Joy of Tantric Sex with Illustrations for the Advanced Student,by A.Lady and 130 Days of Pseudopolis, is discovered by the young Teppic as part of his general informal education. This was helped by his father having absent-mindedly employed a Djel river poacher as personal tutor to the Prince. The poacher's other occupation was house-breaker and burglar, and Teppic received an unintended education in Practical Lock-Picking which helped immensely in accessing the hitherto locked shelves of the palace library. All good life-skills for a future Assassin...

Teppic's half-sister Ptraci is familiar with many of the positions mentioned in this book and claims her Great Grand Mother was the model for the woodcuts. Positions include:

  • 46. Congress of the Five Auspicious Ants (which involves yoghurt in some way)
  • Congress of the Fox and the Persimmon
  • Congress of The Friendly Dog and the Two Small Biscuits (Alfonz, a member of Chidder's pirate gang, has this tattooed on his arm)