Throne Room

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The Throne Room in the Patrician's Palace is where the Golden Throne of Ankh still sits on top of a flight of stairs, in a very large room, waiting for the King to return (see Men at Arms).

Lord Vetinari sometimes works at a very plain wooden desk at the foot of the stairs. He will hold public audiences and preside at trials from a very plain wooden chair, right at the foot of the throne-room steps.

Very few people know that the 'Golden Throne' is actually rotting wood beneath a covering of gold foil, and if any future king were to ever sit on it, it would not be pleasant.Captain Carrot is one of those that does know, having been initiated into the secret by Vetinari himself.


Suspiciously reminiscent of the Stewards of Gondor in The Lord of the Rings. Like Denethor, Vetinari would be somewhat reluctant to give up power. Then again, Vetinari as Steward of Gondor would surrender to Sauron in such a way that the Dark Lord would wonder why he suddenly has no power left and Mordor appears to be a province of Gondor all of a sudden...