Travelling Teachers

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Bands of the teachers wandered from village to village with small carts pulled by donkeys. They delivered short lessons on many subjects. Children were usually pleased to see them. They set up brightly coloured little booths and tents in a field just outside the village, and would hang about outside until they had a full bench. They had to be driven out by nightfall in case they stole chickens.
They are reported in The Wee Free Men.

Mostly men, they wore once-bright robes, and strange black square hats. They kept apart from the other travellers, and survived on what food they could earn from giving lessons e.g.

Jograffy – For today only: all major land masses and oceans. PLUS everything you need to know about glassiers!
One penny or All Major Vegetables Accepted!”

If the student in question was Tiffany Aching, and she was in question mode, the price per fact could be negotiable in advance, probably based on the carrots and egg that could be seen in her hand.

The teachers are another of the peripatetic professionals found in places like Lancre, but also on the Chalk apparently, who sold things people didn’t need every day. Others include:

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