Trollish phrases

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Known trollish words include:

  • Aagragaah - "Forebodings", stems from the sound you'll make when you realise an avalanch is rushing towards you.
    "lit'rally der time when you see dem little pebbles an' you jus' know there's gonna be a great big landslide on toppa you and it already too late to run" in Detritus' translation.
  • Aaoograha hoa - "She who must be avoided" in Nanny Ogg's translation. A name for Granny Weatherwax.
  • Aargrooha - The name of a sport, see Troll Culture.
  • Aaroograhaa - The precise moment at which dog droppings turn white, according to Detritus in Discworld Noir
  • Gahanka - The troll war beat, made by pounding clubs against the ground in unison, and gradually speeding up. In Thud! it is said that within 10 minutes of hearing the Gahanka beat, you're dead.
  • Ggroohauga - "Music made from rocks". Percussion music achieved by means of rocks of different sizes, shapes and mineral compositions being banged together or hit with hammers. Not to be confused with Music With Rocks In.
  • Ghuhg - A profanity. Exact translation unknown. Presumably a verb.
  • Goohuloog - Translation unknown, probably a profanity of sorts. Used in Detritus' "old troll oath" in Men at Arms: "I will do what I told - otherwise I get my goohuloog head kicked in".
  • Groophar - In Monstrous Regiment, Jade defines "groophar" (in the context of "groophar stupidity") as "when, right, a daddy troll an' a mummy troll --" before getting cut off
  • Horug - An offensive term for dwarfs, used to describe a dead grag
  • Luglarr - "Big Hammer". An extremely potent type of troll beer.
  • Oograh - All types of vegetation, which is superfluous given the usual troll diet.
  • Taka Taka - the trollish war club.
  • Wukwuk - a roll-up cigarette. Also a body part that such a cigarette resembles.