Tshup Aklathep

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Tshup-Aklathep, Infernal Star-Toad With A Million Young
Race demonic entity, gender presumed female but not ascertained
Age unknown
Occupation full-time parent.
Physical appearance Infernal, large and bufine
Residence the Outer (Dungeon) Dimensions
Parents presumably had them
Relatives unknown
Children one million.
Marital Status single parent.
Books Moving Pictures
Cameos none

Presumably the combination of single parenthood and sheer number of children gives this entity its compulsion to pin down lone unwary travellers in the Dungeon Dimensions, and show them pictures of its children until their brains implode. It doesn't mean to torture or ill-treat them: like most single parents stuck at home with small children, it is starved of normal adult conversation, and cannot pass up the opportunity. However, in common with most single parents stuck at home with small children and starved of normal adult conversation for any length of time, it has lost the knack for it. Hence the whole business with the pictures. It is thought that by the time you have said "Yes, he's got your eyes" for the thousandth time*, you're about ready to commit suicide in any case...

*If you think THIS is a horrifying way to meet your destiny, spare a thought for the demon in the iconograph who has to take the pictures...