Two Pint Dock

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This is not marked on The Streets of Ankh-Morpork, but from cross-referencing Thud! and the city map, it can be located immediately Rimwards of Treacle Mine Road, just before Treacle Mine crosses the Misbegot Bridge to Wharfinger Street. (Reference: Thud! page 119). The map shows an unnamed dock basin at this point.

When Sam Vimes hijacks Miss Robinson's coach so as to be able to make his six-o'clock appointment, he instructs Johnny the coach-driver to turn right (ignoring the superficially more convenient Ankh Bridge so as to make it down the quayside to the co-ordinates he has ordered the Bluetooth imp to relay to the Watch.

The problem is, the Map is not 100% accurate - it does not show that if you are following the quayside to try to make it to Misbegot Bridge in time, there is a swing-bridge that covers the necessary cut-through in an otherwise continuous quay, which allows shipping access to Two Pint Dock. After the swing-bridge, the intrepid walker arrives at Make-Ready Walk and then Garlickhythe.