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The fledgling publishing arm of the University.

In The Truth, journalist William de Worde witnesses the Dwarfs Boddony and Gunilla Goodmountain discussing the pros and cons of the printed word with the Bursar, who, in one of those moments where he is hallucinating himself sane, applies the trained brain of a born administrator to the issue of cutting the university's engraving bill for stationery, by cutting out the engravers. The Bursar then commits himself to offering Goodmountain and Bodonny the University's stationery contract. (The offer of a twelve-course Annual Dinner, on the "what time can you gentlemen turn up?" principle, appears to clinch the sale).

It is evident, by the time of Making Money, that the University Council has refined the idea still further by launching its own printing house, (akin to Oxford and Cambridge University Presses in the UK).

But one of the predicted drawbacks of committing magical books to print has now come to pass. The books speak. Mainly to complain about the atrocious quality of the printing and binding and the disgustingly cheap paper used. It's not as if the University can pulp the print run, either: listening to the things screaming in agony as they are destroyed would be bad for morale.

However, the idea of talking paper has given Moist von Lipwig an idea for a failsafe security marker in the new paper banknotes...he is confident of getting the university's assistance in magically impregnating the banknotes with anti-forgery watermarks, as he intends to put Mustrum Ridcully on the five-dollar notes.