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Hi. My name is Dromandkass, I live in Oxford in the UK.

The best Discworld book I would say is Witches Abroad although it's up against some tough competition. Others I really enjoyed would be: Mort, Guards! Guards!, Feet of Clay, Going Postal & The Wee Free Men

Other authors I'd recommend would include:

The Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwall that tell the story of King Arthur, not in the disney style with shiny armor and nice hair, but if it happened at all, it happend like this - mud, blood, betrayal and magic by cunning and knowledge rather than by flashes of light.

I like the ideas of Terry Pratchett, and feel that more people would be better off if more books like his had been read in the past century then the dull works of Karl Marxs, or the mad rantings of a certain Austrian dictator. Tyrants tend not to have a sense of humor...

regards Dromandkass 22:44, 23rd Nov 2012 (GMT)