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Oh, dear. Our AgProv is the boss of Discworld fanfiction and I've tried a little myself. Still, it's good to have contributors who don't write it in the wiki. Our American members probably call you a parakeet and might have to be forgiven. Welcome to the zoo. (Or aviary?) --Old Dickens (talk) 15:11, 23 April 2016 (UTC)

Heh. I do try to distinguish between canon and my expanded take on it... and I keep any self-advertising or plugs to the discussion pages.... G'Day, Annie! Welcome to the Menagereie and we hope you'll be very happy here. AgProv (talk) 20:17, 23 April 2016 (UTC)

The Hades Business

Nothing wrong with the article except some duplication: the "stub" template will create the category entry itself (but I don't think it needed to be a stub anyway). Using the signature icon or typing four tildes (~~~~) would provide links to reply to and a date stamp (quicker to do and makes replies easier). --Old Dickens (talk) 13:55, 17 July 2016 (UTC)

Thanks a bunch. I'll remember that. --AnnieBudgie 18 July 2016