Vanglemesht Red Python Chili

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This foodstuff is grown widely across Vanglemesh, Muntab and neighbouring lands. It grows in deep valleys it cannot climb out of, and is harvested by hardy farmers armed with harpoons. No less an authority than All Jolson, a man who has imported significant amounts into Ankh-Morpork, is on record as estimating that one Red Python can flavour five hundred pots of black-footed beans, or twice that amount for those who want to avoid heartburn. It is also rumoured that this is a major component in Wow-Wow Sauce.


Vanglemesh sounds rather like Bangladesh, home of the dangerous Naga Morich, a regular contender for "World's Hottest Pepper". They will burn your face off and may leave a terrible exit wound as well. And apparently the "naga" part means "snake" or "serpent" in more than one language in the Indian subcontinent. There is an Indian comic-book superhero called "Nagaman"... his superpowers are signalled, in some respects, by the Meaningful Name.