Wentworth Aching

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Wentworth Aching
Name Wentworth Aching
Race Human
Age 10 (born around 1985 UC)
Physical appearance Sticky
Residence Home Farm, The Chalk
Parents Joe Aching (father)

Mrs. Aching (mother)

Relatives Sarah Aching (Grandmother)

Tiffany, Hannah, Fastidia, four other older sisters
Aunt Hetty

Marital Status Single
Books The Wee Free Men
I Shall Wear Midnight
Cameos A Hat Full of Sky

Tiffany Aching's younger brother, who, if there were an All-Disc Stickiest Child in the World competition, would probably have come a close second to Pewsey Ogg.

When we first meet Wentworth in The Wee Free Men, he is a sweetie-obsessed toddler (particularly the teddy-bear candies), grudgingly cared for by his sister Tiffany. As the only son and youngest child of the Joe Aching's family, he is likely indulged and even somewhat spoiled. His vocabulary seems limited to "Wanna Sweeties" and "Wanna go a-toy-lut." Towards the end of The Wee Free Men, Wentworth becomes less childish, helps out on the farm, imitates the Wee-Wee men (The Nac Mac Feegle) and learns to speak more properly. It is possible his experience as a guest of the Queen of the Elves was a help in weaning him off excessive sweeties, as this was all the Queen could provide for him. Tiffany's high standards probably also play an encouraging role in his maturation.

In Wintersmith, Wentworth has grown into a boy who enjoys and is honing his skills fishing. He does his best to emulate the men around the farm and make himself helpful, but generally gets under people's feet.

Wentworth gets in a physical tussle in I Shall Wear Midnight. His bloody nose and black eye are a result of his defensiveness when the older boys were slandering Tiffany. The other boys do not get out of the fight unscathed however; Wentworth kicks Billy Teller in the fork.

At this point, presumably, Wentworth's stickiness factor has gone down.