Whalebone Lane

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A street in Ankh-Morpork running from Treacle Mine Road hubward to the river, widdershins of Sheer Street. Whalebone Lane, along with Treacle Mine Road and Cable Street, is one of a number of streets inhabited by Dwarfs. It is lined with tenements and workshops. In The Fifth Elephant, Sam Vimes learns that the dwarfs of these streets have vendettas and feuds that originated in mine shafts five hundred miles away and a thousand years ago. For instance, dwarves who belong to a specific clan could not even walk down this street, or use a pub by it, and so on...

Reg Shoe is mentioned as having come from a street near it in Night Watch, before dwarfs moved into Ankh-Morpork in such large numbers.

In the computer game Discworld Noir, one setting is a pub called the Octarine Parrot which is situated at number nine, Whalebone Lane. It changed hands, apparently, following a protracted and bloody riot involving trolls. This makes sense when it is taken into consideration that this is the heart of the Dwarfish area. However, the current mine host at the Parrot is the taciturn and embittered half-Elf, Mankin. Given that elsewhere we are told the first reaction of trolls and dwarfs to an Elf is to stomp it into the ground and then barbecue the pieces, this seems implausible. An Elf, even a half-Elf, living in a Dwarfish area? It could explain why the pub is so empty (a cause of Mankin's taciturnity), especially as he employs troll singers.

Lackjaw and Armsgrafter, Dental Technicians, are based here.