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[ Bernard Pearson on Facebook]
[ Bernard Pearson on Facebook]
[ And He Said to Me (podcast)] - Bernard shares stories about Terry Pratchett


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Otherwise known as the Cunning Artificer and the creator of many quality Discworld souvenirs and tie-in goods, many of which now fetch fabulous prices on the collectibles market. He and his wife, Isobel, founded Clarecraft in 1980 and began producing Discworld figurines in 1990. They sold the company in 1993 but continued with other Discworld projects. He is the co-creator of The Unseen University Cut-out Book, The Celebrated Discworld Almanak and, with the rest of the Discworld Emporium faculty, The Compleat Ankh-Morpork and The Compleat Discworld Atlas.

His Discworld Emporium is open at rather eccentric hours in Wincanton, Somerset, a convenient distance from Sir TP's house.

External Links

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Bernard Pearson on Facebook

And He Said to Me (podcast) - Bernard shares stories about Terry Pratchett

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