Book:The Unseen University Cut-out Book

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The Unseen University Cut-Out Book
Co-author(s) Bernard Pearson
Illustrator(s) Alan Batley
Publisher Doubleday
Publication date October 2006
ISBN 0385609442
Pages 172
RRP £14.99
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All data relates to the first UK edition.

From which, with the aid of scissors, sharp knife, glue and patience, you may build your very own Unseen University. For those who care about these things, the end result is in approximately 1:280 scale, although the Grinjers among us would be driven to distraction by the way those pesky wizards keep distorting time and space so that any attempt to precisely measure how much space the University occupies at any one time is doomed to failure. This is, we are told, a fairly reasonable approximation.

As Terry says in the Introduction, the only alternative is the Clarecraft limited edition resin model of UU, (upon which this cut-out paper model is based). As this weighs approximately the same as a very big sock full of quite a lot of bricks, and has made a lot of tables groan across the land, the person wanting to own a model of UU should go out and buy this instead as it's lighter, and is less likely to cause damage if dropped. Created with the aid of Alan Batley and Bernard Pearson.