Chrononhotonthologos Street

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One of the major radial roads of Ankh-Morpork, it runs from the wall just rimward of The Tump through the high-rent district to Maudlin Bridge. En route it crosses Scoone Avenue, while Seven Sleepers and the Ridings feed into it. We haven't been told what the locals call it for short, but there must be something.


Chrononhotonthologos is a satirical play by the English poet and songwriter Henry Carey from 1734. Although the play has been seen as nonsense verse, it was also seen and celebrated at the time as a satire on Robert Walpole and Queen Caroline, wife of George II, and was a dangerously radical political satire. It was advertised as

"The Tragedy of Chrononhotonthologos:/The most tragical tragedy/that ever was tragediz'd/by any company of tragedians."

From Latatian (and Roundworld Ancient Latin and Greek), it seems to mean:

  • Chrono- - "Time"
  • Hot- - literally "hot"
  • Onthologos - "Bombast, wordiness"

thus: "Time for Hot Air". Perhaps it is a place where Morporkians have traditionally been allowed to air their views on soapboxes. There is always Sator Square for this, but perhaps the less clamorous use this as a venting-ground?