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The different tribes and clans of nomes inhabiting the Arnold Bros store in the Bromeliad series name themselves after the departments of the store in which they live. Formerly they were openly at war with each other, nowadays the Stationeri keep them in line and the feuds are simmering at a lower heat.

Notable Departments include:

  • The Stationeri, priests of Arnold Bros (est. 1905)
  • The del Icatessen, powerful because of their access to food.
  • The Ironmongri, powerful because they have access to tools and metal goods.
  • The Haberdasheri, a department headed by a warlike Duke, father of Angalo de Haberdasheri. Often brightly dressed because they have access to fancy fabrics.
  • The Corsetri, bandits who rob others because they have little useful to trade (human women's underwear being useless to nomes)
  • The Kiddie-Klothians mystical people who live on a high floor and eat a lot of yoghurt from the staff lunchroom. A parody of New-Age idealised images of Tibetans.