Dish of Glistening Crunchy Orange Stuff

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As with the Dish of Soft White Lumps or the Dish of Glistening Brown Stuff, this is another example of Agatean cuisine, as interpreted in Ankh-Morpork, which is virtually unknown (at least to the peasants) back home on the Counterweight Continent.

Annotation (for readers outside Britain)

The referent is possibly to the more-or-less standard way sweet and sour chicken is served in Chinese takeaways in Britain: pieces of chicken meat are wrapped in a variant of dimsum pastry then deep-fried, and served in a sweet-and-sour sauce which, in order to cover up the fact it is made from a base of cheap brown-coloured malt vinegar, has a lot of red or orange food colouring added to it, as well as cheap fried onion and other veg. The result tastes surprisingly moore-ish (possibly down to the MSG content...), but is a dietician's nightmare, as the "sweet" in the sweet and sour sauce is generally cheap processed white sugar combined, of course, with a lot of fried stuff. The Scottish are pilloried for the deep-fried Mars Bar in batter: sweet and sour chicken is as near as the English get to a native version, in terms of empty calories.