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Publishers' Websites

  • Terry Pratchett - Bibliography, forums and features from Verlagsgruppe Random House / Doubleday / etc.
  • Terry Pratchett Books - A very active forum with members from around the world. Main page also includes current news and information about the books and Terry Pratchett. (HarperCollins)

Blogs and Discussion

National Sites



  • Dungeon Dimensions - A forum dedicated to Discworld. Not very active but a nice community feel.
  • Discworld Extended - A new forum for Discworld chat, fan fiction, games and roleplay.
  • Fantasy Book Review - Please vote Terry the best fantasy author of all time! Voting ends March 2009.
  • Pratchett Fanon Wiki - A repository for all things Pratchett fanon. Feel free to use this for inspiration.

Criticism, biography, commentary

  • Guilty of Literature. The Science Fiction Foundation, 2000, edited by Andrew M. Butler, Edward James and Farah Mendlesohn
  • Terry Pratchett-The Spirit of Fantasy by Craig Cabell, John Blake Publishing, 2011. (£17.99 UK). An entertaining and well-written book about Terry, part unauthorised biography, part literary criticism. Rumour has it this book has landed in remaindered bins at less than a fiver, a fate something as good as this does not deserve. (But see Amazon "customer reviews" for some violent disagreement.)

See also:

  • Fan fiction
  • TV tropes - a really neat and entertaining site discussing the recurring "tropes", ie literary shortcuts, stereotypes and literary conventions present in TV, literature and art. A lot of space is given over to Pratchett's work, detailing how the tropes, those conventions, hooks and short-cuts present in the universal consciousness of all creative writers, work in the Discworld.

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