Farter Carter

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There are two characters, separated in space by several continents of the Disc, who share the name Farter Carter.

On Fourecks, there is, or was, a wizard at Bugarup University called Carter who acquired this descriptive prenomen, no doubt applied with the easy-going and rather basic sense of humour for which the Fourecksian people are renowned the Disc over.

In Ankh-Morpork, a member of the Posse of hangers-on around Andy Shank is renowned for his lingering cabbagey odour and for the prodigious nature of his bodily winds. As he is called Carter, it is only natural for him to attract the rhyming forename "Farter" - or at least, he insists it becomes "Fartmeister", in an attempt to wrest some dignity from the situation. He has apparently been born with "Kick Me Up the Arse" written on his soul, and is so fundamentally unlikeable that even his own mother was stretched to like him.