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Little is known about this man but it is likely that he was a wizard of an entomological persuasion. His lasting contribution to the Disc was his treatise on the "Names of the Ants". Possibly he followed a magical career similar to that of hedge wizards.

Additional information about Humptemper suggests he was a wizard who was free of the usual prejudice held against Witches and who was open-minded enough to believe there was a lot to be learnt here. He was one of a vanishingly small number of wizards who became adept in the discipline the witches call borrowing: his signature work, as those who have read it (as opposed to hit things with it) will know, deals with a period of time in which he successfully Borrowed the group-mind of a colony of ants. Granny Weatherwax would have been grudgingly impressed, as the borrowing of any sort of insect hive mind is way up there on the scale of difficulty and only the very, very, élite practitioners can manage it. However, she would have been scathing at the way, being a Wizard, he gilded the lily by coining a new word for it: psychoproicio, or the throwing away of the mind.