Lobsang Ludd

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Lobsang Ludd
Lobsang and Jeremy by Kit Cox
Name name Newgate Ludd and Jeremy Clockson
Race Half human, half anthropomorphic personification
Age early 20s in appearance
Occupation A thief (Ludd) and a clockmaker (Clockson)
Physical appearance
Residence Glass House
Parents Wen the Eternally Surprised and Time
Marital Status unmarried
Books Thief of Time

This article is about the son of Time. For the character in The Long Earth, see Lobsang.

Lobsang Ludd was born as one soul with two bodies from Wen the Eternally Surprised and Time. Nanny Ogg assisted at the birth, and witnessed the two souls being born. This can probably be explained by the whole universe being destroyed and recreated in an instant by Time. The two babies were put on the doorsteps of the Clockmakers' Guild and the Thieves' Guild. Naming conventions for the guilds resulted in the surnames Ludd and Clockson.

Jeremy became the best clockmaker of Ankh-Morpork and was chosen by the Auditors to build the new Glass Clock which would stop time. A brilliant clockmaker, Jeremy succeeds. His brilliance does come at a price: all he cares about are clocks, he is not strong in social relations and has to take medicine (closely monitored by the guild) to behave in a socially accepted way. His Igor notices that his extreme sanity and orderliness is just another form of madness.

Newgate Ludd grows up entirely different, baffling people with his speed in stealing things, often small objects. On the run from persecutors he falls, but saves his life by performing the Stance of the Coyote. This is noticed by Marco Soto who sends him to the History Monks to be trained, where he receives the name Lobsang. Mostly because he has such talents he's a lazy student who gets thrown into the care of sweeper Lu-Tze. They both head to Ankh-Morpork, supposedly to learn The Way of Mrs. Cosmopilite, but really to find and destroy the Glass Clock. In the aftermath of the stopping of time, Lobsang meets Susan Sto Helit and together they find his "brother" who got wounded in the events. Their souls get reunited, but Lobsang is his preferred personality. Between him and Susan a romance blossoms.

After restoring the world and the flow of time, Lobsang takes over the job as Time so his parents can enjoy some time off. He meets Lu-Tze in a duel who beats him with Deja Fu, finishing his education and making him a fully approved sweeper.