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Rhianna Pratchett is the daughter and only child of author Terry Pratchett and his wife Lyn Pratchett.



Rhianna studied journalism and worked as a videogame reviewer, columnist and editor for various magazines. She has become best known as a videogame writer, with her first major work being Beyond Divinity in 2004. Her most famous works are the comic fantasy Overlord (2007) and its multiple sequels and spin-offs, and Tomb Raider (2013) and its sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015), which rebooted and updated the long-running Tomb Raider franchise. She was also lead writer on Heavenly Sword (2007), Mirror's Edge (2008) and Lost Words: Beyond the Page (2019), and has contributed writing to many other games, as well as comics, novellas and other tie-in fiction.

Rhianna has been nominated for and won multiple awards for her videogame work. These include a BAFTA nomination for Heavenly Sword in 2007, winning a Writers' Guild of Great Britain award for Overlord, and winning Writers' Guild of America and D.I.C.E. Awards for Rise of the Tomb Raider in 2016. She was added to the "European Women in Games" Hall of Fame in 2013.

Other work

Rhianna wrote the children's gamebook Crystal of Storms for the long-running Fighting Fantasy series in 2020. She also collaborated with Andi Ewington, Calum Alexander Watt and Alex de Campi on Campaigns & Companions: The Complete Roleplaying Guide for Pets, a humour book imagining pets in various Dungeons & Dragons-inspired scenarios.


Many of the novels (especially the ones for children) are dedicated to Rhianna, or to both Rhianna and Lyn Pratchett. The character of Esk is the most directly based on Rhianna, though she has said there’s a bit of her in most of Terry’s younger female characters. Her favourite Discworld novel is Equal Rites.

Rhianna is one of the four co-owners of Narrativia, the company which controls the media rights to Terry Pratchett's works. After Terry's death Rhianna stated that she would not be continuing the Discworld by writing any novels, though she would potentially work on "adaptations, spin-offs, maybe tie-ins".

Rhianna completed a script for a film version of The Wee Free Men in 2014, presenting it to Terry on his birthday.

Her first published Discworld work is Tiffany Aching’s Guide to Being a Witch, co-written with Gabrielle Kent and illustrated by Paul Kidby.

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