Sto Kerrig

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Sto Kerrig was first mentioned in the novel Mort. Sto Kerrig is a small city-state on the Sto Plains, recently a protectorate of the Monarchy of Sto Lat. However, it seems that the Monarchy attaches far more importance to a Long Thin Debated Piece just Hubwards of the city. One of its rulers was assassinated due to a contract placed by the then Duke of Sto Helit, a cunning man with a plan to murder his way to the throne of Sto Lat and then unite the kingdoms into a powerful confederacy on the Sto Plains.

One of the clacks towers serving it was attacked by grags early in Raising Steam(p. 65).

It receives a far longer description in Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook. It is the terminus of the Sto Plains Line spur line from Huddle. The city is situated on the River Sour and is the centre of a thriving cabbage-based papermaking industry. It manufactures the cabbage-based adhesive used by the Post Office on its 50p "celebration of the Sto Plains cabbage industry" stamps. Remnant Hall, home of the acclaimed portrait painter Josiah Remnant is here and is a local tourist attraction. The Great Battle of Sto Kerrig happened here in 1642. surrounding fields grow the fine white-leaved Bockingfield cabbage, which is converted into luxury paper by local artisans.