Ted Flutter

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Ted Flutter
Flutter, as drawn by TMOH
Name Ted Flutter
Race Human
Occupation turkey farmer and lackey of Gravid Rust
Physical appearance
Residence formerly a small farmhouse near Hangnails; currently, a cell in Pseudopolis Yard
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Books Snuff
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Ted Flutter is a former lackey of Gravid Rust whose testimony was critical in capturing Stratford and exposing the younger Rust's smuggling activity and enslavement of the goblins. He is a simple-minded man who fears everyone to some degree or another. Though he has quite a long criminal record--Feeney Upshot's father arrested him on two dozen separate occasions--it isn't a very impressive one; Flutter is the kind of man who gets dragged along to be the lookout or to carry off the bones.

When he wasn't getting into trouble with the law, Flutter hung wallpaper and ran a turkey farm at his home a quarter-mile outside of Hangnails, though he wasn't particularly good at it and didn't take care of his birds. His work for Lord Rust consisted mostly of rolling barrels around, and he had quite a lot of illicit tobacco stored in his turkey sheds.

He was paid three dollars to help Stratford spread some blood around on Hangman's Hill but ended up witnessing the murder of a goblin woman instead and was subsequently forced to help hide her body. When Commander Vimes and Upshot confronted him about the incident, Flutter turned King's Evidence and revealed everything he knew about Stratford and Rust.

He was presumably convicted of being an accessory to the murder of the goblin girl, but in exchange for his cooperation he was allowed to serve out his sentence in a safe and comfortable cell in Pseudopolis Yard rather than taking his chances in the Tanty.