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Tento was the penultimate High Priest of the Boke of the Filme in Holy Wood. He lived in a crude driftwood hut on the beach, keeping the fire lit and chanting three times a day to keep the Holy Wood Guardian awake. As the Keeper Of The Door, he learned the ways from previous priest Meggelin), and was the last High Priest and Keeper of the Paramount to find and train a successor Deccan Ribobe. Death came to claim him, but as the knowledge of why the keepers were doing what they did necessarily degraded down the generations, the magic of Holy Wood was slowly but surely starting to leak out into the Discworld.

Fishermen from the next bay would bring him fish to eat, but didn't stick around. Like his successor Deccan, Tento found time to chronicle his daily activities in the book, even if it did read in a mindlessly repetitive fashion.