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Taken from The Discworld Companion

These are the UU courses in magic and related topics. UU also offers lesser degrees in medicine, law, geology and so on, but lecturers are required to have at least one magical degree from UU before they are allowed to teach. This is a fairly moot point anyway as most of the guilds deal with teaching their chosen profession, and the Assassins' Guild gives a much more comprehensive education anyway. This is by no means a full list. Please add to it.

The format is of the name of the degree, followed by the title given in brackets. A short explanation is given where possible, and any explanations that can be added are more than welcome.


  • Bachelor of Thaumatology (B.Thau)
  • Bachelor of Magic (B.Mgc)
  • Bachelor of Sortilege (B.S.)
  • Bachelor of Magianism (B.Mn.)
  • Bachelor of Divination (B.D.)
  • Bachelor of Civil Lore (B.C.L.)
  • Bachelor of Applied Theurgy (B.Ap.Th.)
  • Bachelor of Impractical Necromancy (B.Im.N.)
  • Bachelor of Fluencing (B.F.)
    • The easiest degree to get, and the only true degree that has made its way to the Roundworld. Candidates need only answer a few questions on UU and its environs. Almost every Wizard has this degree, which gives the citizens of AM a good laugh, as it means that almost every Wizard is a B.F. (y'know, a "bloody fool").
  • Bachelor of Amulets and Talismans (B.Am.Ta.)
  • Bachelor of Cabalistic Rites (B.C.R.)
  • Bachelor of Hyperphysical Chiromancy (B.H.Cr.)
  • Bachelor of Esoteric Occultism (B.Es.O.)
  • Bachelor of Eldritch Lacemaking (B.El.L.)
    • Nobody knows why.


  • Master of Thaumatology (M.Thau.)
  • Master of Magic (M.Mgc.)
  • Master of Sortilege (M.S.)
  • Master of Magianism (M.Mn.)
  • Master of Divination (M.D.)
  • Master of Civil Lore (M.C.L.)


  • Doctor of Thaumatology (D.Thau.)
  • Doctor of Magic (D.Mgc.)
  • Doctor of Sortilege (D.S.)
  • Doctor of Magianism (D.Mn.)
  • Doctor of Gramarye (D.G.)
  • Doctor of Divination (D.D.)
  • Doctor of Civil Lore (D.C.L.)
  • Doctor of Magical Philosophy (D.M.Phil.)
  • Doctor of Morbid Spellbinding (D.M.S.)
  • Doctor of Condensed Metaphysics (D.C.M.)
  • Doctor of Wizardry (D.W.)


  • Doctorum Adamus Cum Flabello Dulce
    • "Doctor of Sweet Fanny Adams". Given to Prince Khufurah of Klatch, just before the war over Leshp during events described in Jingo. Also available on Roundworld to anyone who is willing to pay for it.