Verity Pushpram

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Verity Pushpram
Verity Pushpram, as drawn by Matt Smith
Name Verity Pushpram
Race Human
Age youngish
Occupation seller of marine edibles
Physical appearance
Residence Ankh-Morpork
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Books Jingo, Thud! , Unseen Academicals
Cameos Snuff

Verity Pushpram, who sells cockles and mussels and other forms of edible sealife from a barrow in the streets of old Ankh-Morpork, namely Rime Street and Sator Square. She had an on-off relationship with Corporal Nobby Nobbs. Known also as 'Hammerhead' (surely not a term of endearment), she is best known for having forearms like a blacksmith, throwing eels at Nobby, for her lingering smell of aquatic life, and for having severe exotropia: she looks as if each eye is straining to see the adjacent ear. As such, however, she is probably a more suitable object of affection for Nobby than Tawneee (see Thud!).

At the time of writing, unlike Roundworld's Molly Malone, nobody has dedicated any form of song or ballad to her. This may come...

By the time of Unseen Academicals we learn that she is doing quite well, now owning two boats and an aisle on the Fish Market, though she still sells fish out of her barrow as before. She also has some form of professional relationship with the doyenne of the Night Kitchen, Glenda Sugarbean, as she is willing to offer her freebies now and again.

In Snuff, we learn she has definitively squelched the hopes of Nobby Nobbs: she is now engaged to a fisherman who has his own small fleet and who is going places.

In the wake of Raising Steam, Verity's career and reputation as a seafood-dealer have continued to flourish. Mrs. Bradshaw's Handbook contains the author's approving review of a winkle stand Verity operates in Ankh-Morpork's new train station, and an advertisement for same (complete with Ms. Pushpram's wall-eyed picture).