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A vinicultural settlement in Quirm the country, some way Rimwards and Widdershins of Quirm the city. It is owned by M.Le Marquis des Aix-En-Pains, who also advises Moist von Lipwig concerning the dangers of the Maquis. The town is now a stop on the Fierté de Quirm Line and the next stop before Quirm city itself is Dunrobinville.

It has a large winery and dining room serving "avec cuisine" as well as wine tastings. It grows two varieties of grape, the Risibling and the Muscrat. The grapes are juiced by purple stained men stomping in barrels full of grapes. According to Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook, the best time to visit is Sektober, which is when the Better-late-than-never lilies are in bloom, as well as being the grape harvesting season.


Aix-en-Provence is a city in Southern France, perhaps most famous as the birthplace of painter Paul Cézanne.

Much like Djelibeybi, the name Aix-En-Pains is a verbal pun. Spoken aloud it becomes 'aches and pains'.

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