Al-Khali (Character)

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A singularly persistent dwarf who appears in the game Discworld Noir. Named after the Klatchian city, Al Khali is as relentless and annoyingly persistent as the desert wind of the city. He works for a troll named Jasper Horst, who although describing Al Khali as 'his associate' is in fact his boss.

His job is to follow Inspector Lewton wherever he goes to spy on him, and report everything to Horst. Lewton meets Al-Khali when he returns to his office and finds him waiting for him there. Al Khali then takes him to Horst. Near the end of the game, Lewton hides in a bush in the Wizards' Pleasaunce and Al Khali is killed by Anu-anu, making him the eighth counterweight killing, the murders of the summoning of Nylonathatep.


Al-Khali is a reference to the character Joel Cairo in the movie Maltese Falcon, being a short man who works for a fat man, and has the pseudonym of a city. There are several other references to the film.