Bengo Macarona

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Professor Bengo Macarona is originally from Genua. His grandmother owns the Macarona Shipping Company. He now visiting Unseen University due to poor old Professor Maidenhair's "problem".

Professor Macarona's full title would be: Professor Macarona D.Thau (Bug), D.Maus (Chubb), Magistaludorum (QIS), Octavium (Hons), PHGK (Blit), DMSK, Mack, D.Thau (Bra), Visiting Professor in Chickens (Jahn the Conqueror University (Floor 2, Shrimp Packers building, Genua)), Primo Octo (Deux), Visiting Professor of Blit/Slood Exchanges (Al Khali), KCbfj, Reciprocating Professor of Blit Theory (Unki), D.Thau (Unki), Didimus Supremius (Unki), Emeritus Professor in Blit Substrate Determinations (Chubb), Chair of Blit and Music Studies (Quirm College for Young Ladies)

He is noticeably frustrated when people only use a shortened version of his name instead of his full title, after which he encourages them to use his full title. In the end, the football chant became worse than the one composed by the Master of the Music.

Professor Macarona is also noted for his skills with balls.

As noted above, Professor Macarona has doctorates from Unki, QIS and Chubb (thirteen in all) and a visiting professorship at Bugarup. It can also be deduced from the long title that he has a doctorate at Brazeneck College. He is noted to have been cited in two hundred and thirty-six papers and at least one divorce petition.

It is heavily implied that Professor Macarona...prefers the company of men. When Ponder Stibbons makes this known to Archchancellor Ridcully, he responds rather favourably, likely echoing the beliefs of Mr. Pratchett himself.

"A lot of that sort of thing about, apparently," said Ridcully. "People make such a fuss. Anyway, in my opinion there's not enough love in the world. Besides, if you didn't like the company of men you wouldn't come here in the first place. I say! Well done, that man!"


Bengo Macarona is a clear reference to Roundworld's Diego Maradona. As noted above, Professor Macarona is skillful with a ball. Argentina's Diego Maradona was the greatest footballer ever (not Pele, no - honestly - whatever "they" say).

Also, his love of pasta can be referenced in his last name "Macarona". Macaroni is a kind of moderately-extended, machine-made dry pasta. It is hollow, and generally much shorter than spaghetti.

Google also links to koazy-al-macarone as a staple dish of Egypt - essentially a carnivore's version of macaroni cheese, into which is added mince, chicken, and indeed any kind of meat you darn well like, in tomato and onion sauce.

There may also be a distant etymological link to macaroons - a sweet coconut cake meant to be eaten with afternoon tea.

Yet more may be gleaned from his surname - macarena is the name of several Columbian villages (at least in part), a common first name in Spain, a nickname for the Virgin Mary in the same country, and the name of a popular party song released in 1995.

Of course, one of his academic titles is magister ludorum - "Master of the Games", an honor ancient Rome usually handed out to the greatest gladiator, or failing that, to the last man standing. "Ludorum" is also an established Assassin family name....

His immense number of titles and honors, association with the color silver, and preference of men are likely a shoutout to Albus Dumbledore, from that other series with wizards in it.