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MORT A Discworld Big Comic
Illustrator(s) Graham Higgins
Publisher Gollancz
Publication date November 1994
ISBN 0575056991
Pages 96
RRP £7.99
Main characters Mort, Death, Ysabell
Series Death Series
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All data relates to the first UK edition.

MORT A Discworld Big Comic was adapted by Terry Pratchett and Graham Higgins in 1994, illustrated by Graham Higgins.


Death wanted some personal time.

He hired an apprentice.

Unfortunately he chose Mort.

Being Death's apprentice is a good job. Board and lodging, free use of company horse, and you don't even need time off for your grandmother's funeral. Looking like a skeleton is not compulsory, either.

And you meet lots of interesting people. Although, of course, not for very long.

All in all, it's a job for life.

Well, nearly. It would have been if Mort had remembered that he wasn't supposed to rescue princesses. After that it all began to go dead wrong...

The best selling Discworld books have always been said to have a particularly graphic quality even before they had pictures, and now author Terry Pratchett is pleased to present MORT as A Big Comic, specially rewritten by Terry Pratchett and illustrated in the spirit of Discworld by Graham Higgins.

Read it and reap.


The plot is the same as Mort, however some sections have been abridged and dialogue cut to create a shorter story for the new format.