Book:The Amazing Maurice The Art Of The Film

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The Amazing Maurice The Art Of The Film
Co-author(s) Ramin Zahed
Illustrator(s) Ulysses Filmproduktion and Cantilever Media
Publisher Titan Books
Publication date 23rd December 2022
ISBN 9781803361536
Pages 192
RRP £34.99
Main characters Maurice, Keith, Malicia, The Clan
Series Peripherals
Annotations View
All data relates to the first UK edition.


The official art book for the animated movie The Amazing Maurice, based on the Carnegie Medal-winning Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett.

Maurice is a streetwise talking tomcat who comes up with a money-making scam by befriending a group of talking rats and finding a dumb-looking kid who plays a pipe. When Maurice and company reach the stricken town of Bad Blintz, they meet a bookworm called Malicia and their scheme soon goes down the drain.

The Art of the Film is a coffee table hardback celebration of the creative process of bringing The Amazing Maurice to life, including exclusive concept designs, character sketches, storyboards and production art, alongside insight from the artists, filmmakers and directors.