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These are works and contributions made by Terry Pratchett included in books and anthologies created or edited by other authors.


1. Intro to: "The Leaky Establishment" (2001) (by David Langford). Republished in A Slip of the Keyboard.

2. Intro to: "The Evolution Man" (1989) (by Roy Lewis). Republished in A Slip of the Keyboard.

3. Intro to: "The Arts of Falconrie and Hawking" (1998) (by Dave Hodges)

4. Foreword to: "The Definitive Illustrated Guide to Fantasy" / Intro to: "The Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Fantasy" (general editor: David Pringle). Republished in Once More* *with Footnotes.

5. Foreword to: "Batman: Joker's Revenge" (1990)

6. "Brewer's Boy" Intro to: "Brewer's Dictionary Of Phrase And Fable [Millennium, 16th edition]" (1999) (this edition revised by Adrian Room). Republished in A Slip of the Keyboard

7. Intro to: "The Unseen University Challenge" (1996) (compiled by David Langford). Republished in A Slip of the Keyboard

8. Intro to: "The Wyrdest Link" (2006) (compiled by David Langford). Republished in A Slip of the Keyboard

9. 'Apology' intro to: Once More* *with Footnotes (2004) (edited by Priscilla Olson & Sheila M. Perry)

10. Foreword to: "Creative Web Writing" (2002) (by Jane Dorner)

11. Review of: The House On The Borderland from "Horror: 100 Best Books" (1998) (by Stephen Jones & Kim Newman)

12. Intro to: "The Josh Kirby Poster Book" (1989) (by Josh Kirby)

13. 'What Is In This Title?', Introduction to: "Dreams and Doorways" (2014) (by Monica Porter)

14. Intro to: "Terry Pratchett's From The Discworld CD" (1994) (booklet accompanying David Greenslade's music of Discworld)

15. Foreword to: "Discworld instruction Manual" (1995) (computer game by Psygnosis)

16. 'Roundhead Wood, Forty Green' / 'Forty Green, Near Penn' contribution to 'Playground Memories' (1996) (by Nick Gammage)

17. 'Pratchett On Writing', contribution to: "The Faces of Fantasy" (1996) (photographer: Patti Perret & editor: James Frenkel)

18. 'My Favourite Book', contribution to: "My Favourite Book, Celebrities' Childhood Choice" (1997) (compiled by William Watt)

19. 'An Appreciation Of Sharpe', contribution to: "Sharpe's Trafalgar" (2000) (by Bernard Cornwell)

20. 'Cult Classic', contribution to: "Meditations on Middle Earth" (2001) (edited by Karen Haber). Republished in A Slip of the Keyboard

21. Introduction to ‘The Gnarly Man’ by L. Sprage De Camp, published in "My Favourite Fantasy Story" (2000) (edited by Martin H.Greenberg)

22. Foreword to 'Salisbury in Detail' (2008) (Collection of photographs published in Oct 2008)

23. Foreword to 'My Name is not Dementia: People with Dementia discuss Quality of Life Indicators' (2010) (published in April 2010 by the Alzheimer’s Society)

24. Foreword to 'Elves: Nasty or Nice?' (2010) (Treatise by Jacqueline Simpson published in conjunction with the 2010 Discworld Convention)

25. Introduction to Good Omens (2004) (with Neil Gaiman. This version contains a new introduction, essays and an interveiw from both authors)

26. Guest entry on the Alzheimer's Research UK's Dementia Blog entitled: what's the point of it all? (2013)

27. Foreword to 'Assisted Dying: Who Makes The Final Decision?' by Lesley Close and Jo Cartwright (2014)

28. Contribution to Discworld Convention 2014 folio entitled 'A Little Advice for Life' (2014). Republished in Terry Pratchett's Memorial Folio.

29. How to be a Professional Boxer (2005) (foreword to Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2006). Republished in A Slip of the Keyboard.

30. Advice to Booksellers (1999). Republished in A Slip of the Keyboard.

31. Conventional Wisdom (2011) (introduction to the Third Australian Convention programme book, April 2011)

32. Foreword to 'A Place of Safety' by Pauline Kidner (2014)

33. Foreword to: Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!? instruction booklet (1996) (computer game by Psygnosis)

34. Foreword to Discworld Noir instruction booklet (2000)

35. Foreword, and cameo, in the Wintersmith CD by Steeleye Span (2014)

36. Foreword to Only You Can Save Mankind the Album CD by Leighton James House and Shaun McKenna (2010).

37. Cameo, along with Neil Gaiman, in the Good Omens BBC Dramatisation (2015).

38. Guest editor of Issue 196 of the magazine SFX.

39. 'A word from the author about the novel' in Stephen Briggs play-scripts of Johnny and the Dead, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents and Dodger.

40. A new Foreword to The Colour of Magic (1989).

41. A new Foreword to Only You Can Save Mankind (2004, updated 2013).

42. A Slip of the Keyboard (2014) (collection of writings & articles) (contains from this section numbers: 1,2,6,16,20,29-31,) (contains from Articles and Speeches numbers: 3-9,11-14,16-22,33,35,37,41,42,45,46,48,50,53,60-80).

43. Companion Vilja is a fan made mod for the game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Terry contributed many suggestions including writing multiple lines of dialogue for the mods titular character.

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