C.V. Cheesewaller

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C.V. Cheesewaller D.M. (Unseen), B. Thau, B.F. is a wizard in general practice in Quirm. He has a house here with a talking plaque that states his name and titles to those who look at it (not a bad idea, as many on the disc cannot read). He has never had any active role in the chronicles, but he is mentioned as an example of the working, non-University wizard. It's all very well for those wizards with tenure at Unseen University to despise the theatrical trappings and overblown rituals of thaumaturgy, but when you're out in the world trying to earn the daily crust (well, four square meals) you want some Boffo. Cheesewaller's consulting room in Three Roses Alley is filled with wizardly paraphernalia: stuffed crocodile, huge dribbly candles, sigils, skull and all.

Quoth (the raven), mount and translator for the Death of Rats, used to perch on the talking skull at Cheesewaller's until he thought that travelling the world with the skeletal rat would provide more chances for eyeballs.