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Dr. Cruces
Name Cruces
Race Human
Age middle-aged
Occupation Head of Assassins' Guild
Physical appearance
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Death by Carrot in Men at Arms
Marital Status
Books Pyramids, Men at Arms

Former Head of the Guild of Assassins, Dr Cruces (viz. 'crucify' or 'excruciating') was driven mad by the appalling power inherent in the gonne after it had engineered the death of Edward d'Eath.

First encountered in Pyramids, Dr Cruces was an intelligent, well-educated (well - of course: the Guild of Assassins is the best education in Ankh-Morpork if you can get to graduation...) and powerful figure within the guilds and the city. He was a lean figure and was always soft-spoken, though with 'the pitch and spin that could make (his voice) be heard through a hurricane'.

But it is in Men at Arms that we really come to know Dr Cruces. He is the mentor to whom the frighteningly obsessive d'Eath turns, and is swiftly killed for his pains. Cruces takes up the gonne - and, for some reason, d'Eath's mania for reintroducing a royal family to Ankh-Morpork. He is chased by Sam Vimes and Carrot Ironfoundersson. Samuel Vimes is briefly tempted to take up the Gonne himself, but Carrot, on the other hand, has a refreshingly direct approach to Cruces' blandishments, destroys the Gonne, and swiftly kills Cruces without a word.

Exit Cruces...

Enter Dr Downey as the newly-appointed Head of the Guild, and the time-honoured profession of artistically exercising lethal prejudice for a fee continues with barely a hiccough.


"Cruces" means "crosses" in Spanish.