Edward d'Eath

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37th Lord d'Eath
Name Edward d'Eath
Race human
Occupation Assassin
Physical appearance
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Death the third person ever to die of a gonne-shot on the Discworld.
Parents father, 36th Lord d'Eath (deceased)
Relatives a few elderly relatives
Children none
Marital Status single
Books Men at Arms

Edward is the eldest son of the thirty-sixth Lord d'Eath, and with his father's death, became the inheritor of the title, lands and family home. The family fortune had been lost by his father who had a blind spot between one and eleven, which doesn't sound too bad but is if you think you can play Cripple Mister Onion with the big boys. Accordingly, Edward had to sell the lands and house, and spent the money on the post-graduate course of the Assassins Guild. He was the first person to score full marks for this. For the following five months, he spent the time in the Black Library, looking for something. He found it.

Which led to considerable trouble all round, especially for the City Watch.

It brought the worst out of Dr. Cruces, too.